Say No to PSPOs

In 2017 Fylde Council proposed a draconian set of dog control measures to be enacted as Public Space Protection Orders. If passed they would have severely restricted where people could walk their dogs and give them free-running exercise.

Although members of the Clever Canines Dog Club fully supported PSPOs requiring people to pick up after their dogs and prosecution of those that didn't, they did not agree with the proposed measures that would penalise responsible dog owners unnecessarily.

A Facebook Group was set up to organise opposition and measures taken to get publicity including organising protest walks, challenging dubious data put forward by the Council using Freedom of Information Requests, addressing Council meetings and involvement of the media.




The outcome was a re-think by the Council and the approval of a pragmatic set of PSPOs. The images below show Ann with key members of the protest group outside Fylde Council Offices after a meeting with Councillors at the end of which they announced that they would be pursuing a pragmatic approach to dog control orders.



For the benefit of anyone else facing the same problem we have kept a  record of the campaign  HERE.



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