Socrates World


My name is Socrates and I am a wise, handsome, actually shockingly handsome red and white border collie. I really can't get over how handsome I am . The women (My Julies) love me i have a bitch in every park, around the world.

I have my own twitter page and I will I am sure soon have you as a fan - You can visit my Facebook page too. See how clever I am a dog with a page and a twit - well that's what I call her who thinks she owns me.

Please visit this page often - I will update it when I can get my paws on her laptop - see the picture at the bottom of this page that's me and my sister Raven.

We are clever canines and if you want you can even buy a copy of the book wot I wrote - well I was editor - it's called Clever Canines Can Cook and it's a book written by me and my dog friends at the dog club - its packed full of REALLY great recipes of cakes of us dogs and even some for humans too.

It can be ordered from that 'Dancing with Dogs' lady and ALL the proceeds will go to Trinity hospice.






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