Clever Canines HTM Club

Will be hosted their first Kennel Club Open Heelwork to Music   competition in July July 2023 at Tomlinson Canine Centre Markfield Leicester. They will be hold another one there in July 2024 and one in Lancashire in October 202


Dancing with Dogs

Heelwork to Music and Canine Freestyle are competitive sports which involve training dogs and incorporating music. The Music is for you not the dog. It s a fun and engaging way to train. Visit for further details.

Clever Canines HTM Club demo team - are sometimes available for demonstrations.

Heelwork to Music

Heelwork to Music is when dog is walking at heel (by your side) and you are moving with or to the music in a variety of ways forward, backwards sideways. At fast slow and normal pace and using the music to dictate the way you move. If done properly it shows the wonderful harmonious relationship a handler and dog can develop with the dog trusting you to guide its movements. 



Canine Freestyle

Canine Freestyle is about teaching your dog to do things that will demonstrate the words of a song or the musical interpretation or simply telling a story incorporating music. The dog and handler are free to do whatever they like to demonstrate this as long as the moves are safe for the dog to do and do not disrespect the dog. Its fun teaching the dog moves and dogs REALLY love the interaction and the rewards involved with the training.



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