Ann DeRizzio has a degree in teaching and training. and over 40 years experience working with dogs of all types and breeds.

Education and Training

 Do you want to know more about your dogs behaviour?
Are you working with dogs?
Do you want to work with dogs?
Further education dog related courses currently at Myerscough college - Bilsborrow. Preston

Ann has been a lecturer at Myerscough college in Lancashire since 1995 and she has lectured on every aspect of dog ownership, care, training, behaviour and management.

Myerscough College

Currently she teaches  short courses for Myerscough college on:

  • Aspects of Canine  Behaviour part one
  • Aspects of Canine Behaviour part two
  • The Positive dog Trainer
  • Holistic Canine Health Care
  • Canine aggression and behaviour for dog wardens and those that work with dogs

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Seminars, Training Days and Workshops 

Understanding why and how dogs behave is a fascinating subject, and one that is an ongoing process. Any one who works with dogs must  be open to  continual professional development - the learning curve is a lifelong one. Above all we must be prepared to accept new ideas and most importantly change if necessary . 

Below are a few of the dog related topics that Ann can deliver as either a seminar, training day or workshop:

  • Dog training
  • Canine aggression
  • Canine communication
  • Dog behaviour
  • Canine Nutrition
  • Dog first aid
  • Dog law
  • History of the dog
  • Holistic health care for dogs
  • Holistic massage and touch therapies for dogs
  • HTM Judges training seminars
  • HTM and canine freestlye training


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