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Clever Canines dog training club is a fun, active learning environment for you and your dog.

About Our Classes

Training your dog should be fun for you and your dog.

Our priority at Clever Canines is to use positive reinforcement and motivational training  to get the best responses and behaviours. We aim to have happy dogs that are willing to respond to behaviour cues/commands and develop the partnership. 

We do this by incorporating a range of activities into all classes which require your dog to interact not just with you but other dogs and people and do so in a controlled manner.

Dog to dog socialisation should not involve a free for all play session - Dogs need to learn to be with and around other dogs comfortably and not see dog on dog interaction as a stressful/exciting/aggressive /fearful encounter.

We use food, toys, play and fun to teach control exercises - like  to stop, wait, walk properly, come back when called etc.

Your dog is unique to you and your family - so we do not treat all dogs the same.

Breed specifics, age, upbringing, sex all play a part  - so your dog will never be compared to another dog - even if they are the same age - we fully understand that dogs develop differently and it is not fair to place undue pressure on any dog or handler to expect them all to keep up with the fast learner in the class.



We want your dog to love training - to find it rewarding and enjoyable - To do that they must view the experience as a positive one - a fun place to  be, where they can interact with people and other dogs and be rewarded for good behaviour.

We use food, toys, play and interactions to train our dogs  - if you want a class where  force is used - where punishment training is the first port of call, where choke chains are used and where correction is the only way then please look elsewhere.



Our Mantra is 'a positively trained dog is a happy one'.

Our classes include several fun sessions - we celebrate for the usual calendar activities such as Christmas etc. Our dogs  take part in charitable activities like comic relief. The regular club members have raised thousand of pounds for various charities. Our current charities are Dogs Lost, Drones to Home and Cancer research UK.

Scroll down for details of classes on Thursday and Friday nights

All classes are held at the Hewlett Lecture Hall, Bannister Street, Lytham, FY8 5HP.

We recommend that you come and watch a class before you start, so you can decide if it is the right class for you.

Thursday Classes

There are four classes on Thursday 

The Puppy Class 6.15 - 7pm

Puppies are welcome to attend our puppy training classes from when your vet says they are safe to venture out (and have had all their relevant vaccinations), till they reach a year depending on size and behaviour - we like our puppy class to be a safe haven for young dogs to grow and learn.


Classes are interactive and include: play sessions, health care and obedience training, normal canine behaviour is explained and your trainer will offer advice and assistance where appropriate.

Initially you book an 8 week course - which costs £95 on enrolment - After you 8 sessions (which do not have to be consecutive - life sometimes takes over so if you miss a week you simply tag another one on to the end) you can continue on in the class and pay a weekly amount which is currently £8 a session.

Class duration is 45 minutes.

All breeds welcome - puppies on harness and normal flat collars only - no choke/check chains

The Juvenile dogs group 7. -  7.45pm

For older pups and young adult dogs who wish to proceed further with training and social interaction. This class is a natural progression from the puppy class and sometimes the best place for larger pups to move into after their initial 6 week course. Here we continue with integrating a young dog into society and enhance its learning experience with a variety of fun activities to stimulate the dog's mind and create an engaging learning environment.  initial 8 week course £95 there after weekly class cost £8 a session

Thursday Adult Pet Activity Training 7.55 - 8.45pm

Once you have completed the puppy class, or if your dog is over puppy age, we have adult dog classes on Thursday  evening.

This class is is a great way to continue your dogs training , socialisation and development - these classes are fun-filled, action-packed classes which vary in their activity week to week. The focus could be on obedience and control one week, the next fun agility, hoopers  or timed obstacles, or scent training.

There is a highly social aspect to this class and here dogs can relax and be dogs. Owners can have fun with their dogs and enhance their relationship - we call it Dog time.  Class cost £95 initial 8 week course, there after £8 a session



There is no pressure put on dogs in any of our classes and because of this we see good well rounded canine citizens develop.



A highlight of this class are dogs' birthdays where they are celebrated by the owners bringing in cakes and treats for all.


All classes cost the same - £95 per dog for the first 8 week course then £8 a session or £14 for two dogs.




Thursday Heelwork to Music

Get on your boogie shoes!

Heelwork to music is the generic name for the sport. However beside a dog and handler walking at heel to a piece of music there is also a division called Canine Freestyle - click on the dancing with Dogs link for more information about the sport and Ann DeRizzio and club members achievements.


This class is fun and full of music and laughter - here we teach the dogs and handlers to work as a team and to interact in a positive manner using music.

Access to this class is via the adult pet dog class, or by booking an week course cost 95. However dogs will need to be assessed before they can join.


You really don't have to have any dancing ability or even rhythm but you do need a sense of humour! This class runs from 8.45pm - 9.30pm.



Friday Classes

Friday One - The Speciality Class

This is the class that dogs 'with issues' can join - a class where owners are welcome to come and try to iron out any behavioural or training challenges that they have.

Training here is slightly different to other classes - dog management is paramount and some dogs will be asked to wear a muzzle, if the trainer thinks that for the time being they are not safe to handle. usually that is quickly dispensed with once the dog has learnt to trust and feel safe.

Most aggressive dogs are showing aggression because of a failure in communication.

In this class we try to LISTEN to the dog and aim to give owners coping and handling strategies.

Dog management and training is vitally important if you have a dog that shows signs of behaving aggressively or nervously. So having dogs under proper control is an essential part of the classes. Currently the dogs in this class many of whom have come from rescue, are some of the BEST behaved and trained dogs in the club. They have been a credit to their owners; handing, training, compassion and care.

The class members fully appreciate how difficult it can be to socialise a dog with 'issues' and are sympathetic and understanding and above all non-judgmental.

Access to this class is usually done on assessment and owners must sit and watch a class before they start. It may well be that you will require some one to one training/behaviour session with Ann DeRizzio before you can start.

Price - Course 8 weeks  cost £120 

Owners must be aware that they are responsible for their dogs at all times and must not let their dog interact with people or other dogs - until they are safe to do so.

One to one - real life training and behaviour consultations

Some times attending a dog training class is simply right for the dog. It may be that in time you  dog can cope with an indoor situation where dogs are in close proximity but if they can't then private training sessions are the best way forward.

These can. be done in two ways: -

An in the home behaviour consultation - for dogs that are having problems inn the home or serious behaviour issues.

Or an outside environmental street/park/beach training session - where we can see how the dog reacts to the outside world and aim to teach you how to control your dog, change how they are feeling in a stressful environment and give them some grounding behaviour to do so that you can change how they view things. 

These sessions work extremely well and are very popular - we go out with your dog in all weathers and YOU learn how to work with and control your dog and most importunely understand what triggers the behaviour.

Clock the one to one page link for more information 





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